The Crü Café

Welcome to

the friendliest corner of the neighbourhood

What we are

We are the little coffee shop of happiness in a busy district - a little place to sit down quietly with a cup of nice warm latte and a book while the world is buzzing around you and everyone seems to be rushing endlessly.

You can find us on the corner of Canary St. and 4th Blvd - right next to the HQs of some of the biggest companies in town.

Despite the location, we try hard to maintain an atmosphere of calm and quiet. In our cafe you will find warm drinks (obviously), a selection of house-made cakes and buns, as well as light snacks including salads and sandwiches.

If you are in downtown and you feel a bit overwhelmed, come on over and join us for a nice cup of your favorite warm drink.

Art Exhibitions in Our Café

We don't let our walls sit idle - there is always some exhibition by a local or not-so-local artist hanging on the walls for all visitors to see. This is our way of supporting the artist community - and of course helping our friends - and also of having something new in the interior every few weeks. Drink your coffee while you enjoy art, how great is that?

Current Exhibition

We are delighted to have artworks by our dear friend Michael Winter decorating our walls this July. Michael is a woodworker and his works are not paintings or drawings - they are wooden bas-reliefs created using both manual and also some power tools. He is also the co-creator of a major woodworking tools site (a shameless plug for our friend :)). If you don't find Michael creating art, you'll find him in his shed, building something, usually from wood. So, come along an enjoy Michael's latest collection called "Landscapes" in our cafe!